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Here's How You Can Support Conflict Reporters on the Frontline

by Katka Lapelosová Feb 19, 2015

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ON-THE-GROUND JOURNALISM used to be the height of a writer’s career, but in the information age this style of reporting is beginning to suffer. We hope you are able to support our friends at GlobalPost, a native digital news site working to change the way freelance frontline reporters and editors are able to provide news on worldly events as they occur.

To give you an idea of the disparities reporters like those at GlobalPost face, a news editor for CNN can make an average salary of $63,000 per annum. They are rarely found “on the ground,” and are not required to leave their office in order to report on breaking news. Contrastingly, frontline freelance reporters will sometimes make as little as $100 per story, while facing harsh and unsafe working conditions, lack of proper training from their host publications, and benefits that don’t extend beyond their contract assignments.

Donations to this Kickstarter campaign will help to justify the oftentimes insane conditions required to provide current events to those away from the field. You can read more about where these funds will used here.

(feature image: Tracey Shelton/GlobalPost)

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