The Important Story Behind All These Dudes Posting Tiger Photos on Tinder

by Katka Lapelosová May 30, 2014

THE LATEST INTERNET trend seems to come in the form of people posing with tigers, who then use their photos as bait to lure in potential hookups on Tinder. I guess it’s some sort of symbolic way for people to express:

  • I’ve got a soft side, look at me cuddling with this cute animal!
  • But I’ve also got a badass side, and am not afraid to lie with a wild beast!
  • When was the last time you touched a tiger? Exactly. I’m better than you. And that’s why you should date me.

Maybe some people would fall for this ruse, but educated Tinder users (which, let’s be honest — are probably non-existent) should be aware that these people are supporting establishments where animals are mistreated, neglected, and abused.

In his article, 7 reasons to think twice before visiting Thailand’s “Tiger Temple,” Turner Barr exposed the cruel world of animal attractions in Southeast Asia. Within moments of posting, it post went viral, and it currently has over 346,000 page views. It’s important to understand what goes on at places like Tiger Temple, and to educate others to avoid places that promote irresponsible treatment of animals (and adults).

Maybe the guys and gals who have posted their big cat photos on Tinder didn’t realize what went on behind the scenes of these places, but it does make a statement about the kind of ethics they potentially hold. In my opinion, someone that volunteers to help rehabilitate formerlly captive elephants, after researching the legitimacy of the organization, is way hotter than some guy who happened to visit Thailand and tried to overcompensate for his small wiener, by posting his tiger photo on Tinder.


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