SEA LEVEL RISE SOUNDS SCARY, but it’s happening at such a slow rate that we have some trouble putting it into perspective. Fortunately for us, Eve Andrews over at Grist took the time to ask a climate scientist what we’re looking at in terms of ours and our children’s lifetimes.

She called Dr. Ben Horton, a climate scientist at Rutgers University and asked him what we can expect sea level rise to look like by the end of the century. And the answer is complicated: we don’t know for sure, but we do know it’s going to rise. The middle of the road estimate is that it will rise by 2 meters in the next 84 years. This is the equivalent of about 6 and a half feet, and that alone would be a pretty huge rise. But there are some scientists who predict that it will be much higher than that. Give the video a watch to hear Horton’s full explanation as to what we can expect.

Via: Grist