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Meet Some of Brazil's Changemakers

Brazil Activism
by Julie Schwietert Mar 13, 2009

We’ve published several articles about Brazil recently–from the lighthearted and fun to the devastating and disturbing.

If these pieces have stimulated your interest in learning more about Brazil and what communities and organizations are doing to promote social change, meet some of Brazil’s changemakers:

Coletivo Mulher Vida/Women’s Life Collective

Founded in 1991 by Cecy Prestrello and Marcia Dangremon to help survivors of domestic violence, the organization has expanded its work to help at-risk kids and teens. You can learn more about the Coletivo on their website or by watching the documentary, “Hummingbird,” which features the Coletivo’s work in Recife, Brazil.

Matador Member Organizations

Within the Matador community, eight organizations are doing work in Brazil ranging from conservation to youth development and education. Many of these organizations, like CARF, are actively seeking volunteers, so if your next trip involves a visit to Brazil, be sure to check them out and see how you can help.

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