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New Report: World Still Unprepared for Climate Change

by Christine DeSadeleer Mar 13, 2009

By now, we all can agree that global warming is, in fact, real, and is, in fact, changing our climate (snow in South Carolina in March anyone?)

The latest reports, like this one from the National Research Council, continue to surface seemingly on a daily basis, reminding us that we need to make changes, pronto:

Despite years of study and analysis, the world is unprepared for climate change and needs to rethink basic assumptions that govern things as varied as choosing cars and building bridges, the National Research Council reports.

And now, we have an economic crisis to contend with that in some ways, makes implementing these changes trickier:

“Climatic changes will be superimposed on social and economic changes that are altering the climate vulnerability of different regions and sectors of society, as well as their ability to cope,” the Research Council said.

As travelers, how do we best go about continuing to participate in seeing the world and learning from other cultures while reducing our footprint on the environment?

It is no longer a question of when, but how—immediately. One such possibility is being spearheaded by state governments on the West Coast of the US—alternative fueling stations might be found along the Pacific Coast Highway as early as this summer, for both electric cars and biodiesel, ethanol, and natural gas vehicles.

This is just one approach to curbing our carbon emissions.

What else can be done to save both our environment and the freedom to travel? Share your thoughts below.

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