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Online Parody Competition Takes on Chevron's "We Agree" Ads

by Julie Schwietert Nov 4, 2010

In the latest display of Big Oil greenwashing, Chevron recently rolled out a patently ridiculous ad campaign that revolves around the tagline “We agree.”

Full page ads in national newspapers show large photos of kind-looking “average” people from all types of cultural and economic backgrounds alongside simple statements such as “Oil companies should put their profits to good use” and “Oil companies should support small business.” At the bottom of the ads, in slightly smaller text is the phrase “We agree,” and signature lines for Chevron employees to “endorse” the message.

If their actions weren’t so entirely inconsistent with their messaging, the ads would be compelling.

Instead, Chevron’s ads have inspired an online parody contest, sponsored by AmazonWatch, the Yes Men, and the Rainforest Action Network. Starting today (and running through next Thursday, November 18), you can upload a spoof video, poster, or other multimedia reinterpretation of the Chevron “We Agree” campaign to call Chevron out on its greenwashing.

The creator of the best spoof Chevron print ad will win a framed copy of their creation signed by the Yes Men, and the top three will all be mass-produced and distributed by the sponsors. The best spoof Chevron TV ad will be featured on the homepage of

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