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A Sigh of Relief for Travelers, Forward-Thinking Businesses, and the LGBTQ Community Here in North Carolina 

North Carolina News
by David Miller Dec 8, 2016

YESTERDAY, CURRENT NORTH CAROLINA Governor Pat McCrory finally conceded defeat to incoming governor and Democrat, Roy Cooper. McCrory had bitterly fought the election results, calling for recounts in counties across the state for the past several weeks.

The results are at least partially a backlash against North Carolina’s discriminatory “bathroom bill” HB2, passed in special session last March and later signed by McCrory. HB2 overturned a Charlotte ordinance allowing transgender people to use bathrooms fitting their gender, forcing them to now use bathrooms that matched the gender on their birth certificates.

HB2 caused North Carolina to lose millions of dollars (some 400 million as estimated by Business Insider) in potential revenue as well as jobs. Here’s just a short list of events, jobs, and companies that either pulled out from NC or cancelled their plans to do business as a response to HB2:

  • The NCAA and ACC pulled 15 championship events out of state.
  • The NBA moved the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte.
  • PayPal, Deutsche Bank, and several other companies canceled NC expansions.
  • Pearl Jam cancelled tour dates in NC.
  • Bruce Springsteen cancelled his NC show.
  • Ringo Star cancelled his NC show.
  • Multiple state and city governments issued non essential travel bans to North Carolina.

During his victory rally at NC State  Governor-elect Cooper called on the state legislature to repeal HB2, and said, “with this election, North Carolina is on its way to repairing its reputation. Let’s finish the job and repeal HB2.”

As far as what’s up next for McCrory? Check this ominous photo of him about to be whisked up the elevator to meet with Donald Trump.

After an ugly year, we’re hoping for a big rebound in tourism here in North Carolina. With Asheville listed by Lonely Planet as the #1 US city to visit in 2017, things are looking up.

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