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Surfers Mobilize for Post-Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

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by Cody Doucette Nov 1, 2012
I had the opportunity to work alongside Jon Rose and the Waves for Water crew while covering Haiti after the devastating earthquake in January 2011 and saw first hand how big a difference his team made.

Please take a moment to read their press release below, as they are currently assisting with the ongoing rescue and relief efforts in New Jersey and New York state.

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Los Angeles, Calif., October 31, 2012 – Humanitarian and former professional surfer Jon Rose is leading an effort to help rebuild post-Sandy devastation.

As a first responder to the surf-community, Jon’s non-profit organization, Waves For Water, will lead a focused effort to remove storm debris and assist with other basic survival needs associated with the catastrophic storm.

The team is currently gathering the intelligence of his friends and colleagues in the North Carolina, New Jersey and New York coastal areas for immediate support.

“Many of our favorite East Coast surfing epicenters are completely wiped out and under water,” said Rose, who’s spearheaded previous relief efforts to countries like Haiti, post-tsunami Japan, North Korea and Afghanistan.

“More than anything, there’s a need for resources and manpower to restore these precious stretches of coastline.”

The relief effort will be a multi-phase operation. The first mission will be to work with local crews to remove debris and provide basic survival supplies – food, water, blankets, etc. This will help sustain people until basic infrastructure can be restored. For phase two, the team will pick the hardest hit area and assist with their rebuilding efforts.

Several widespread needs are now being addressed by many of the other disaster relief organizations like the Red Cross, but the rebuilding process will require the help of the world’s surf community as well, and Waves For Water will be on the ground connecting with local relief teams and working tirelessly to restore order. To support the missions, Waves For Water has set up a specific fundraising page on its site ( for individuals and businesses to contribute.

To follow the progress and learn more about the Waves For Water relief efforts, go to

About Waves for Water:

Waves for Water works on the front-line to provide clean water to communities in need around the world. They work with world leaders and strategic partners who take a “no-nonsense” attitude toward making global change. Waves for Water is a non-profit organization founded by Jon Rose and supported by Hurley International.

Jack Rose
P.O. Box 57285
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

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