The western side of Barbados is a haven of high-priced blended drinks floating around behind the closed gates of fancy resorts. If you want this experience, you’re in the right place.

But if you’re after a different kind of island experience, pinpoints of personality and authenticity do seep through amongst the west’s luxury hotels — and they’re impossible to miss in other parts of the country. For starters, fish-fry Fridays can’t be missed in the village of Oistins; the southern-facing Bottom Bay is as good a tropical beach as your IG could ask for; and Bathsheba, on the wild Atlantic coast, has waves suitable for serious surfers — and only serious surfers — looking for a wild challenge. (If that’s not you, just sit back and watch the show.)

There is adventure in Barbados if you’d like to find it — and you can start that search below.