U.S. Virgin Islands

When you hear folks talking about their fab vacay to St.

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Croix, St. John, or St. Thomas, they're talking about the US Virgin Islands, just southeast of Puerto Rico. Though each of the main islands is easily distinguishable from the others, they all share white-sand beaches -- look to Magens Bay or Trunk Bay -- deepwater harbors, and gorgeous views.

Virgin Islands National Park takes up much of St. John, a time capsule of petroglyphs and plantations and a great spot for a snorkel amongst the coral reefs. St. Croix itself is an ancient coral reef, just barely popping out of the sea. Whether you're here from a cruise ship or spending a week popping from isle to isle, start your island dreaming by scoping out the below.

U.S. Virgin Islands

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U.S. Virgin Islands

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