Luxembourg City. Photo: Wolfgang Staudt


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is “lux” indeed, with locals enjoying the world’s highest GDP. Though hotels, restaurants and other amenities can be pricier than in neighbouring France or Germany, it’s also possible to travel the country without draining the bank. A compact and very bike-friendly country, you can linger a while in the campsites and small towns of the northern Oesling mountains or southern Moselle valley.

You’ll see a mix of Germanic and French Romantic influences here. It’s in the cuisine, with dishes like potato cakes and smoked pork. You’ll see it in the architecture, with the Grand Ducal Palace and Frankish castle ruins in Luxembourg City. Check out war museums in Diekirch, site of the Battle of the Bulge. Glug Riesling on a vineyard tour of Moselle valley. The country’s motto, translated from official Luxembourgish, is “we want to remain what we are.” Respect.

We’ll give advice for camping and hiking, tip you off to daytrips, and share narratives on playing football in the capital.

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