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8 Member Price Shopping Sites for Outdoor Goods

by Michelle Schusterman Oct 19, 2011
These organizations find the best deals on outdoor gear and clothing and give you first dibs.
The Clymb

Based in Portland, OR, The Clymb was founded in 2009 and offers “exclusive 72-hour sales on premium brands and experiences.” Membership is free; as of the date this article was published, the membership application process is open “for a limited time.” Enter your email address and start buying.

Steep and Cheap

This site sells outdoor gear and clothing at prices which are, according to them, “downright criminal.” Deals don’t last long, but one look at the front page and you can see that they really are pretty sweet. They most so fast, the company offers “Instant Alerts” to let you know via IM, SMS, desktop widget, or email when something you might want to snatch up is available.

Something they ask for that should really be mandatory for all members of sites like this; don’t stock up and resell items. Steep and Cheap, and all the others on this list, work to hook us up with great deals, so selling that stuff for profit is some pretty rotten karma.

Whiskey Militia

Love this company’s manifesto: “to deliver one fix at a time, till you’re shaky, sweaty, and compromising your morals for more.” Deals run fast here, and they also offer an alert system to help you stay on top.

Don’t stock up and resell items. It’s some pretty rotten karma.

Bonus: the hilarious copywriting. I’m currently checking out a snowboard described as “a shred-related godsend for broke big-footers.”

LeftLane Sports

LeftLane specializes in sports and fitness clothes and products. They launch a new sale every few days, and each sale usually lasts between 3 to 7 days. Membership is free – all you need is a name and an email address.

Like most of these sites, LeftLane encourages you to invite your friends to join. When you do, both of you get a $10 credit to your first purchase; and this is an unlimited offer, so it might be time to make more friends.

Hudson Trail Outfitters

This company has been around for over three decades and specializes in finding gear for mountaineering, trekking, backpacking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, road touring, recreational biking, cross country skiing, snowboarding, and fly fishing.

Registration with Hudson Trail is free, and they also offer a “Preferred Membership:” pay a one-time $15 enrollment fee for perks like lifetime participation, faster and instant rebates, free gear, and special promotions.


Campmor started small and has steamrolled into a massive retailer, offering everything from bivy sacks and compasses to gaiters and GPS navigation systems. If you need it, they’ve most likely got it. While membership is free and gets you access to more goodies and benefits, you do have the option of purchasing as a guest.


Altrec’s membership site launched in 1999 and offers gear and clothing for pretty much any outdoor activity imaginable. They’ve got gadgets too – GPS, altimeters, headphones, adapters, and more. The site design is particularly great; extremely clean and easy to navigate.

Outdoor Gear Company

A member of the BBB, Outdoor Gear Company specializes in gear and clothing for camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, and “general outdoor use.” While they accept the normal methods of online payment, including PayPal, OGC is exceptional in that they also accept checks and money orders. They also offer a simple return policy, complete with full refunds.

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