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A Real Gift for the Traveling Mom

by Michelle Schusterman May 9, 2010
Michelle Schusterman offers a simple gift idea that Mom might really appreciate.

I wanted to write an article on gadget gifts for the traveling mom, but searching for ideas was frustrating. Something about the dozens of articles touting robot vacuum cleaners and other futuristic Donna Reed bullshit rubs me the wrong way.

I’m not a mom, and I have the utmost respect and admiration for what mothers do every hour of every day. Traveling, moving abroad, or just going to the market is a whole different game when you’ve got kids. And it took me a little while to pinpoint just what was bothering me about these lists.

I can’t provide you with a generic easy-pick list of stuff that “all mom’s will love,” any more than I can give you one that “all people will love.”

You have to know your mom, your wife, whoever you are celebrating Mother’s Day with this year. Call her. If you’re separated by an ocean, download Skype and chat face-to-face. As a wonderful mother and good friend of mine put it, many women would trade the flowers and cards for a spouse and/or child as engaged in the family as she is.


That’s my gift suggestion, because I can’t suggest anything for the mother in your life. Only you can.

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