Armchair Travel: Nature Calling

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Apr 18, 2009
Spring is here and it’s time to slip on those hiking boots.

Feature/Photo above by Lola Akinmade

The fresh rebirth Spring brings lures us outdoors to take in the warm air and enjoy early hikes, and we’ve provided tons of exciting, hiking options here on Matador.

From the best hikes in Puerto Rico and Maine to hiking the Inca trail in Peru and trekking Torres Del Paines in Patagonia, it’s time to get back to nature in the most organic way possible – one footstep at a time.

David DeFranza takes us through 13 Of The World’s Richest National Parks – from the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park in Mongolia to Yosemite National Park in the US.

Want to live to be a hundred years old? Try hiking the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Tai Shan in China – a sacred mountain which draws thousands of pilgrims each year.

Still looking for more inspiration before hitting the trails? Check out these hiking documentaries.


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