Book Review + Giveaway - Travel Therapy: Where Do You Need to Go?

by Julie Schwietert Jun 4, 2009
Stressed out? Travel Therapy aims to relax you by providing various trip suggestions to help you decompress.

Photo by Lola Akinmade


The driving assumption of Travel Therapy is that you–a stressed out female reader–need a break. You’ve got relationship, work, or health problems (or worse, all three) and you just need to get away– “change your attitude by changing your environment,” as the author says.

Realizing this, the author has put together a quiz-based approach to help you decide what type of vacation you need, and then offers a menu of options about destinations and activities that would fulfill your specific needs.

Travel Therapy: Where Do You Need to Go?

It’s an approach that isn’t likely to appeal to most Matador readers– check out our community members’ profiles and you’ll see that most don’t have any lack of ideas about where they want to go or what they want to do– but perhaps it works for some women.


Travel Therapy is a pretty book, with glossy pages and enticing photos.

But it’s loaded with exclamation marks and cliches that might turn off the seasoned traveler.

If you’re really stymied about where to go on your next trip or what kind of getaway you need, then this book might be a useful place to start.

But you could get even more varied ideas just by hanging around Matador for a while.

Contest Giveaway

Where’s the most therapeutic place you’ve ever been? What place helped you wash your blues away?

Post a link to a photo of the place that blissed you out and a short description of its therapeutic qualities by midnight on Thursday, June 11 PST.

We’ll pick our favorite and give away a copy of Travel Therapy. We’ll also feature the photos on Matador Trips.

Community Connection

Want to know more about travel therapy? Head over to Brave New Traveler for our interview with author Karen Schaler.

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