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Choosing the Right Sanitizer for You

by Michelle Schusterman Aug 10, 2009
Between an increase in PDA and cell phone use, more people jumping on board with public transportation, and recent flu scares, the need for a good portable sanitizer is more in demand than ever.

But with the vast selection out there, which is best for you? Here’s our pick of some of the best sanitizing wipes, gels, and sprays.


If regular disinfectant gels dry your skin out, try Avant Instant Hand Sanitizer. This gel is as effective as Purell, killing 99.99% of germs, but thanks to vitamin A and E enrichment, your hands won’t pay the price of cleanliness with flaky, dry skin.

EO Hand Sanitizer, an organic plant-based gel, is also great for sensitive skin. The organic lavender essential oil is soothing while the non-GMO alcohol sanitizes as well as any chemical gel.


For those with sensitive skin, Aroma Essence Towlettes are biodegradable and use no perfumes or detergents. Each towlette contains natural ingredients like tea tree oil and lavender and orange extracts that refresh and soothe your skin.

Ever sat on a plane thinking you’d give just about anything for a shower?

These organic towelettes by Giovanni are good for an all-over body lift. Pack them in your carry-on, backpack, purse, diaper bag – so you can feel refreshed no matter where you are.

Don’t forget your cell phone! Gadgets like phones, laptops, and mp3 players are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Keep your gear clean and germ-free with these Wireless Wipes which are fast-drying to prevent moisture damage.


For anyone looking for a greener spray, CleanWell’s Natural Hand Sanitizer is the way to go. The natural ingredients are non-toxic, alcohol-free, and made from rapidly renewable resources.

A bottle of this Organic Rosemary and Mint Hand Sanitizing Spray by EO is not just eco-friendly (and heaven scented). It’s part of the Teens Turning Green coalition; a national movement of young adults advocating for changes that will create a safer environment and a healthier lifestyle.

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