The Easiest $25 You'll Ever Make

by Joshywashington Feb 26, 2014

When you can make honest money while traveling with very little effort — that’s a win-win. The team at Hotel Confidential knows this and is giving smartphone-savvy travelers the chance to make $25 for videos created from their hotel. In doing so, Hotel Confidential is setting itself up to be a massive catalog of user-generated hotel review videos by incentivizing hotel goers.

No special gear or editing skills are needed for this easy cash flow, just a steady hand and a hotel room. I find myself in hotels often enough to give this crazy scheme a try (who doesn’t want 25 extra bones?) — this is what’s up:

You have to register your hotel from the HC website.

You must vet your hotel via the HC website before you can upload your vids and claim your $$.

You have to use your smartphone.

The deal is that you shoot a 60-90 second video showing aspects of the hotel with your smartphone in landscape mode. One shot/take per video.

You have to shoot 4 videos.

For your $25, you must create 4 videos featuring aspects of the hotel property — the room, the lobby, the exterior, and one additional feature or amenity.

You have to narrate your vid.

You don’t have to go full David Attenborough, but you do have to narrate your vid with info on the hotel and some description of what you’re looking at.

You have to upload your videos to the HC site and write a quick description.

This is pretty easy — email yourself the smartphone vid and upload from your computer.

Shooting the 4 videos is simple. 90 seconds is nothing — I created my 4 videos in less than 15 minutes, wandering around the hotel holding my iPhone aloft. My conclusion: If I’m gonna stay in a hotel, I may as well cover the insane cost of the in-room wifi or an ill-advised visit to the minibar with a few quick videos.

Visit the HC site to register the hotel you’re staying at and upload your videos.

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