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Essential Beauty Brands for Hot Climate Travel

by Hannah Barth Nov 30, 2010
Not more than a couple of months ago I was sweltering away on the Southern coast of Turkey. An assault to my northerly bloodlines from coastal New England, Mediterranean summers can run oppressively hot.

After living through a couple of them, I’ve learned to quell my complaints, but other adjustments weren’t as simple. For example, my daily beauty routine which I spent years perfecting — from the perfect moisturizer to my favorite eye makeup — is suddenly thrown out of whack by intense heat foreign to the Northeastern US.

As I dig deeper into my sweater stash and prepare myself for the year’s first snow, here are two beauty brands you don’t want to be without if your seasons are currently getting warmer.


DHC is Japan’s number one direct skincare company, but their secrets are little known here in the States.

Among other beauty items on my swear-by list (such as their über-hydrating Olive Virgin Oil and un-soap-like Pure Soap), DHC also makes three key products:

DHC Body Cleansing Sheets

Facial cleansing cloths are my number one hot weather must-have. DHC Body Cleansing Sheets ($5 for 20 sheets) are the only sheets I’ve found that clean my face and don’t leave a soapy residue.

Because they’re made for the body, the woven texture of DHC’s sheets give a really good scrub and are tough enough to rinse and re-use on long journeys.

DHC Make Off Wipes

Another great option is DHC’s Make Off Wipes. These are perfect if you want a cleansing wipe, but need something a little gentler or specially formulated for the face.

Their price is comparable to name brands in drug stores but the soapy feeling they leave behind is a lot less.

They’re also smaller in size than most other wipes, so I don’t feel like I’m tossing as much into the trash.

This feels especially important when traveling in areas that don’t have a good handle on waste management and I really want to watch my footprint.

DHC White SPF 25 Sunscreen

DHC’s last genius product is something we all need, no matter how far from the equator we roam: sunscreen. DHC White Sunscreen in SPF 25 gives you full coverage without grease.

No exaggeration.

I swear.

I spent five weeks in India sans sunscreen because I couldn’t find one that didn’t melt all over my face. If only I had tried this product sooner. It’s 100% matte finish, and has vitamin C and alpha-arbutin to brighten skin while protecting it.

MAC Studio Tech Foundation

The number two brand on my hot-weather hit list is MAC. These guys formulate their cosmetics to hold up all day under intense lighting.

The line was originally designed for studio make-up artists and they only later began distribution to the general public. I discovered MAC when I was dancing professionally in Turkey.

Ninety-five degrees plus buckets of sweat and my makeup didn’t budge. Now, there’s a miracle in a jar.

Everything MAC makes is worth the money if you’re committed to keeping your face on when it’s scorching out. A TV reporter friend of mine swears by their Studio Tech Foundation.

The whole line is formulated so you’ll need very little of whatever you use, and my friend claims that “one container of [the foundation] will last [her] three months of whacking it on up to three times a day for TV.”

Covergirl, on the other hand: 1 month.

MAC Fluidline Gel Formula Eyeliner and Sheertone Blush

I’m not a big foundation girl, myself. For me, the best way to stay looking put-together is with a little cover-up and a touch of color to the eyes and cheeks.

In this vein, I love MAC’s Fluidline Gel Formula Eyeliner and their Sheertone Blush in Raizin.

The eyeliner goes on with a brush and absolutely refuses to crease on my eyelids, while the blush in this particular hue looks like a tan sent from Heaven.

Aquis Adventure Towel

If you’re not the make-up type, but are still hoping to keep your cool while bearing the heat, there’s one other item on my list that I’ve come to include as an equatorial travel beauty essential: High absorbency travel towels.

These towels are way more than just for camping. Keep one of the purse-size towels on you and you’ll have a way to mop your brow and dry your face if your makeup calls for a do-over.

Basically, the moral of the story here is that there’s no excuse for not looking (and smelling) your best. Even on holiday, your sweat glands are working overtime.

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