From the Editor: Practicality Rules!

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Mar 19, 2009
If I honestly can’t envision our readers using or buying a certain product, I don’t recommend it. Period.

That’s been our philosophy here at Matador Goods and I hope you’ve appreciated it so far.

Photo by Lola Akinmade

Matador has built a strong network of diverse, unique, and pretty cool folks who see travel more as a journey that occurs deep within than a quick vacation, and by engaging our community members, you get firsthand, tested advice on practical travel gear to take on your next adventure, favorite travel books and anthologies, environmentally-safe goods, and such.

While one can argue that besides food and water, nothing else is truly essential, we aim to spotlight products that certainly enhance your travel experience without reducing it to just scenes captured through a viewfinder .

The mandatory pose-y shot.

Finding the perfect balance between necessity and nice-to-have has been my challenge.

I strive to regularly focus on goods that are either lightweight or eco-friendly, but most certainly practical and durable.

We give our readers monthly peeks into the backpacks of other avid travelers and occasionally write about “feel good” products (such as TOMS Shoes and Cleanup Soap).

Some proceeds from the sales of these products go directly towards sustaining many communities around the globe and improving overall quality of life.

So, what other types of gear and products would you like us to spotlight regularly?

I’d love to hear from you .

You can send me short recommendations via our contact form or email me directly at lola [AT] matadornetwork [DOT] com.

Interested in writing a gear-related, consumer-focused article? Please submit your piece following our contributor guidelines.

Happy Travels.

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