Gear Review: The Cruising Caddy

by Julie Schwietert May 13, 2009
I’m a minimalist when it comes to stuff, but there are two things I can never get enough of: books and bags.

Other frequent travelers probably feel the same. A good book and a good bag can get you through a bad situation.

The Cruising Caddy is my latest bag, a small tote that’s ideal for filling with essentials for short walks.

Though it would be perfect to stick inside a larger bag and pull out at Immigration and Customs, all documents organized comfortably inside, I like this bag because I don’t have to store it under the bed between trips.

It’s got a dozen day-to-day uses, from a walk around the neighborhood with my dog to an afternoon rollerblading on the Hudson River.

It would also be the perfect size bag for sporting events or concerts where backpacks aren’t permitted, city tours, short hikes, and visits to the beach or pool

It comes in three colors—black, khaki, or red—and is made of microfiber and nylon. It holds up well and doesn’t get dirty easily, but you can hand wash it if needed. In addition to two exterior pouches, the Cruising Caddy also comes with a small carabiner for your keys.

My only gripe about the Cruising Caddy is its name. When I first read about it, I envisioned cruise boat tourists with cameras hanging round their necks, their Cruising Caddies strapped across one shoulder.

But once I tried the bag out, I got over it.

Price: $24.98 | BVT Products Cruising Caddy – Black

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