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How to: Wax a Surfboard

by Michelle Schusterman Oct 10, 2011
And if you’re feeling crafty, how to make the wax yourself.

WARNING: don’t attempt this technique when waxing your car. The purpose of waxing a board is to create a sort of grippable surface for your feet – bumps and ridges are a good thing. The water side of the board should be nice and slick. If you’re a first-timer, this vid will help:

How To Wax A Surfboard from Tidal Push on Vimeo.

And the wax? Sure, you can buy some. But if you’ve got a few coconuts and a pile of beeswax on hand (who doesn’t?), you might want to try making your own. Just make sure no one mistakes it for ice cream topping.

How To Make Surf wax from Tidal Push on Vimeo.

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