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Best ESL Podcasts for Your IPod

by Michelle Schusterman Oct 7, 2010

Podcasts in English

What Level is it?

On their website, the podcasts are split into levels, with episodes for beginning through advanced learners. They also have a section just for business English students, and a collection of videos that focus specifically on pronouncing words found in the episodes.

What’s the Focus?

The episodes are very personable and conversational. Each is fairly short – just a few minutes long – and comes with a transcript, worksheets and answers, and other extra assignments. This podcast is excellent for students who want well-rounded lessons; a little listening, a little reading, a little writing.

How Frequently is it Updated?

About once a week. I love that the website tells you when the next update will be – it’s on the right, beneath the subscription option.

Culips ESL Podcast

What Level is it?

Intermediate, although many advanced students could benefit from their episodes that focus on idioms.

What’s the Focus?

I’d say “real” English – in other words, the type of English you use in everyday conversation. Recent episodes include everything from discussions about superstitions to slang terms for money. Beneath each episode is a list of important expressions used in the chat, and members have access to full transcripts, more detailed explanations about phrases used and quizzes.

How Frequently is it Updated?

They average around four to five podcasts per month, each of which is between ten and fifteen minutes long.

ESL Aloud

What Level is it?
Beginner to intermediate, depending on the episode. Some cover things as basic as spelling words aloud in English, while others work on slightly more advanced topics.

What’s the Focus?

Many of the episodes choose one phonetical sound – short A, long E, etc – and provides a lesson on pronouncing those words. This podcast is ideal for students who thrive with heavy repetition. Each episode runs between ten and twenty minutes (occasionally longer), and encourages the student to repeat words and phrases several times after the host.

How Frequently is it Updated?

Until recently, only once a month. There were three new podcasts in September of 2010 – hopefully a sign of more updates to come.

What did I miss? Do you have any great ESL podcast recommendations? Let me know in the comments so I can add them to the list!

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