Twitter Contest: IMojito Case From Malcolm Fontier

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Jan 11, 2011
As part of Matador’s Twitter contests, we’re spotlighting cool gear to give away to lucky readers.

If our articles on practical, cool, and free iPhone apps have convinced you to invest in an iPhone yourself or you already carry one, you might want to check out the sleek iMojito case from modern travel accessory designer, Malcolm Fontier, to complete your kit.

The iMojito is made out of smooth soft durable polyurethane with an elastic strap that holds the phone in place.

This lightweight slim wallet fits credit cards, ID card, cash, and your room key (up to 6 cards) in addition to its pouch reserved for your iPhone; making it the ideal all-in-one and practical wallet to carry out to dinner and for nightlife reveling while traveling.

More on the iMojito:

* Phone screen protection
* Hold up to 4 credit cards and cash
* Opening allows charging in case
* Fits ALL iPhones! Gen1, 3G, and the new iPhone 4
* Durable PU exterior
* Soft microfiber lining
* Dimensions: 2.75 x 4 x .7″
* Materials: polyurethane(PU), microfiber lining

The iMojito retails for $35.00 and comes in two color combinations: black/gray and black/light blue .

And the best part? We’re giving away two (2) free iMojito cases!

And the winners are…

@christinenspain and @ana_moreno

We will be contacting you shortly to send you an iMojito case.

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