Twitter Giveaway Contest: Cruising Caddy

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Nov 27, 2009
As part of the Matador Twitter contest, we will be spotlighting cool gear we’ll be giving away to lucky readers.

A compact, lightweight travel tote and water bottle holder, the Cruising Caddy is the perfect companion while taking walks or orienting yourself to a new city.

Cruising Caddy

You can carry essential identification cards, a camera, cellphone, maps and other gear to help you survive your trek.

Managing editor Julie Schwietert reviewed the Cruising Caddy awhile back for Matador Goods and here’s an excerpt:

The Cruising Caddy is my latest bag, a small tote that’s ideal for filling with essentials for short walks.

Though it would be perfect to stick inside a larger bag and pull out at Immigration and Customs, all documents organized comfortably inside, I like this bag because I don’t have to store it under the bed between trips.

It’s got a dozen day-to-day uses, from a walk around the neighborhood with my dog to an afternoon rollerblading on the Hudson River.

The tote retails for $24.98 and you can read the entire review here. In the spirit of thanksgiving, we’ll be giving away a free Cruising Caddy to our readers.



We will be sending them their free Cruising Caddy.

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