What's In Your Backpack, Tricia Huffman, Jason Mraz's Tour 'Joyologist'?

by Matador Creators Apr 16, 2009
Tricia has one of the coolest gigs on the planet, touring the world with Jason Mraz as the first ever ‘joyologist’.

Photo Credit: Jason Mraz

Her one-of-a-kind job description is to ” keep the positivity flowing, keep our bodies clean and limber and to make our ever-changing surroundings a little more pleasing to all of the senses.”

Here are the things that she can’t live without on the road.


A tapestry or fabric to hang in the dressing room or hotel room. It is often used to cover the “idiot box” and also to give the room a sense of home and to have some sort of grounding.



Lately I favor a diffuser and different essential oils, but an aromatic candle will do the job.

Healing stones

Black onyx (repels negative energy) and rose quartz (heals emotional wounds and opens the heart to unconditional love) are a couple of my choice ones.

iPod Stereo


So portable and easy to pop in and change the environment with your own choice of tunes for the moment. Random Dance parties and sing-a-longs are sure to follow.

Shiva Shakti Tonic

A spiritual tonic made by Ayurvedic extraordiniare, John Holmstrom of L.A. It cultivates compassion in body, mind, and soul by burning the toxic ama in the body.

It is only taken on days when it is really needed, but I bring it along everywhere.

I gave some to Jason before he left for the Grammy Awards and it kept him feeling the love all day and night long.



A raw, vegan superfood bar made by Ancient Sun Nutrition that picks you up, keeps you going, and gets your creative juices flowing.

Made with a full serving of cacao and wild blue green algae and it tastes like a candy bar.

You gotta try this!

Vitamineral Green

A green superfood powder from Healthforce Nutrition – 100% whole food, pure, raw vegan.

We love to make morning Green Shakes with this as the main ingredient, but a tablespoon or two in O.N.E. coconut water is a delight as well.

This product has changed the lives of more than half of our band and crew.

Yerba Mate


A South America tea that boosts immunity, cleanse and detoxifies the blood, tones the nervous system, combats fatigue, and stimulates the mind.

Without caffeine!

I love it iced on hot days too and favor the Guayaki Mint and The Mate Factor Dark Roast.

Yoga Mat

I love my Jade Harmony travel mat. It is super thin and light to carry, made from all eco products and is the perfect stickiness, even when practicing on a gravel driveway in 100 degree heat.

There is always a way to fit in some yoga anywhere, anytime.

Travel Hula Hoop

Our friend, Mandy in San Diego sent us off on this last tour with hula hoops that collapse!

She made them herself and really thinks she needs to start marketing them. They fit into our luggage and you can even sling it over your shoulder and walk about town with it folded up until you strike the fancy to hoop it up.

Best thing ever!

I’ve begun to think of my hula hoop as therapy because you really have to let go and put yourself out there – even though you know you’ll possibly look ridiculous.

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