All photos courtesy of Megan Wood

What's in Your Backpack, Megan Wood, Road Warrior?

by Megan Wood May 30, 2011
MatadorU’s current road warrior in Belize, Megan Wood gives us a peek into her backpack.

[Editor’s Note: Megan Wood is the first writer-in-residence to participate in the Road Warrior program, a partnership between MatadorU and the Belize Tourism Board. Megan is spending the spring in Belize, documenting traditions of the country’s diverse cultural groups. Each week, she reports on her experiences for Matador, her personal blog, and for other outlets.]

A Yoga Mat

This is the bulkiest and most extraneous thing I carry, but it’s worth it. I’m in a better mood and have more energy even if I only have time for ten minutes of stretching. I’ve used it for meditation, and in a pinch, a bed.

Osprey Backpack

My Osprey Hiking backpack is designed for weekend trips, but I pack light. I bought this pack last year and it still looks new, though it’s taken me through Southeast Asia, South America, and Belize.

Even when I think I can’t fit anything else inside, I manage to jam in one more pair of shorts or guidebook.

MacBook Air

How did I exist before my MacBook Air? Weighing less than 2.5 pounds, I can easily carry it in a tote bag without sore shoulders. It’s fast, has 128 GB of storage, and is designed with features to reduce its environmental impact.

REI Quick Dry Towel

Megan Wood in Belize

All photos courtesy of Megan Wood

I carry this towel because it rolls up small and dries in less than ten minutes. No more worrying about a moldy smelling towel in the bottom of my pack.

It’s also good for impromptu picnics on the beach or a blanket for overly air-conditioned night buses.

Long Sleeved, White, Button Down Shirt

Super versatile, really comfortable, and great as protection from the sun. I can tuck it into jeans for dinner or put it on over my bikini on the beach.

A Snack

I don’t go anywhere without an emergency snack. Sometimes it’s fresh fruit, but usually it’s chips. Right now I like Marie Sharp’s tortilla chips in Belize.

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