What's In Your Backpack, Tony Vincent, Recording Artist and Broadway Actor?

by Matador Creators Apr 23, 2009
From performing with the award winning Broadway show, RENT to gigs with Jesus Christ Superstar and We Will Rock You, Matador caught up with the multi-talented Tony Vincent before heading out to Estonia for a gig to peek into his bag.

Photo courtesy of Tony Vincent

“I enjoyed the opportunity to perform live on stage 6 nights a week on Broadway and London’s West End whether it was as “Roger Davis” (RENT), “Judas Iscariot” (Jesus Christ Superstar), or “Galileo Figaro” (We Will Rock You) because it allowed me to have my days free to spend time writing songs and focusing on my own music….

“That’s where I found real creative freedom and could remain grounded in the reasons I moved to New York in the first place. Being in the public eye each night also gave me an opportunity to work with some of the city’s really strong writers and artists.”

The Pack

Tony carries a Bak2Pak hybrid laptop bag which combines the practicality of a messenger bag with the ease of a backpack. The bag can be converted from a low riding backpack to a single-strap messenger bag, and comes with tons of compartments, including a top-loading padded pocket for laptops.

Bits for the Road


MacBook Pro

This machine rarely leaves my side…used for emailing, web updates, blogging and getting down musical ideas.

Palm Treo 680

I’ve become a texting-freak…since when I was doing We Will Rock You London in 2003. I pine for an iPhone, but just can’t make the leap to AT&T.

Audio Magazines

I’ve always got 2-3 audio magazines in my bbp pack.

Lyric Sheets

I’m a big culprit of spacing on lyrics, so I’m constantly reviewing lyrics…even to my own songs!



I’m a bit of a wine-guy so I always have a pulltap in a bag that I check (not exactly my “backpack”… but you’ll get arrested if you start wielding one of these in the cabin).

Läkerol Pastilles

I don’t know if these help or if it’s completely psychological, but I always have one of these pastilles in my mouth when I’m singing. Many boxes accompany me while traveling.

Photo courtesy of Tony Vincent

Think Thin Bars

These protein bars are killer…..you never know what food the flight is going to be serving or how long it will be until your next meal.

Adidas Running Shoes

I have a bit of an OCD-thing about staying in shape, so I always pack my running shoes to get in a run before a show or an early morning workout.


A recent note or card from my wife – travel is really hard on relationships, so I make it a point to surround myself with things that remind me of my wife. This helps me to keep her in the loop, to pray for her daily and to love her well…even from afar.

More on Tony Vincent

Also an accomplished singer/songwriter, be sure to check out his music below:


Official home site – www.tonyvincent.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/people/Tony-Vincent/775583289
MySpace: www.myspace.com/tonyvincent
Fan Site: www.tonyvincentworld.com

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