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10 Beers From Indie Brewers You Have to Try in Cornwall

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by Lauren Williams Nov 10, 2015

1. Driftwood Spar’s Alfie’s Revenge

Named after a stuffed squirrel who used to live in the Drifty bar who one day decided to go walkabouts after a night on the lash and never return. Alfie’s Revenge is rich, malty, chocolatey and with a characteristically biscuity note. Some might say it tastes a little like Christmas.

2. Blue Anchor’s Spingo Middle

The Blue Anchor are known the Duchy over for some pretty hefty hangovers from their variety of pub-brewed ales. Spingo Middle (5.0%) has the classic, locally-loved and hearty taste of Spingo, without leaving you Spingo’d like Bragget will. Drink with care, it’s not for the faint of heart.

3. Rebel’s 80 shilling

Malty, thick and with a sweet, treacle taste, Rebel’s 80 Shilling goes down so smooth you’ll wonder how you’ve got through 3 pints so quickly. It’s also been awarded CAMRA Kernow’s Supreme Beer Champion award three years in a row.

4. St Ives Brewery’s Boilers

Smooth, citrusy and with a bit of a kick, Boilers is an ale that goes down best whilst sat looking out across the surf from St. Ives towards Gwithian and along the north coast.

5. Keltec’s Lance

Light, fruity and sweet, Lance is the perfect accompaniment to a sunny Cornish day. Named after the Battle of Camlann, between Lancelot and King Arthur, said to have taken place in Cornwall.

6. Wheal Maiden’s Grandma’s Weapons Grade Ginger Beer

Not your traditional beer, but worth an honourable mention for being no less than balls-out-blow-your-socks-off goodness. It’s fiercely-fiery and eye-wateringly spicy. Perfect for warming you from the inside out during the coming winter months.

7. Harbour’s Amber Ale

Heavy on the hops with a hint of thick caramel and a light floral finish, this Amber Ale goes hand in hand with a steak & kidney pie or a thick wedge of steak.

8. Padstow’s IPA

A silver medal winner from CAMRA Kernow, Padstow IPA is refreshing and light. Sipped all over the county in traditional pubs by those who know how good malt should taste.

9. Dynamite Valley’s Pioneer Wheat Beer

New to the Cornish booze scene, Dynamite Valley is a crowdfunded microbrewery that’s extremely good at what they do. The Pioneer is made especially for summer days, with hints of orange and a light taste, it’s the ultimate date for long evenings on the beach.

10. Black Flag’s White Cross IPA

Bitter and full to the brim with a blend of hops, White Cross IPA is a pretty special India Pale Ale. Nutty, fruity and exactly what the doctor ordered.

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