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10 Commandments of Living in North Carolina

North Carolina
by Duke Stewart Aug 3, 2016

1. Thou shalt explore thy state from the mountains to the coast.

Grab a State Parks license plate and slap a Salt Life sticker on the back glass. Then mock West Virginia tourists bearing the same gear, but only after taking their money.

2. Thou shalt honor thy local beer, hole-in-the-wall diner, and Krispy Kreme “Hot” sign.

The same goes for food trucks and the ubiquitous Bojangles.

3. Thou shalt not argue about who makes the best barbecue, as long as said recipe falls within North Carolina’s borders.

Shut up, Kansas City, Texas, and that other Carolina.

4. Thou shalt drive without fear or regard for the law.

Our politicians mentioned something about cracking down on drivers going one mile an hour over the limit, but that would mean hiring thousands of more officers to keep up. So don’t worry about it.

5. Thou shalt explore and understand our state’s history, for it is rich.

First in flight, gold, freedom, you name it. From civil rights to legal discrimination, North Carolina has been on the front lines of many huge events throughout US history.

6. Thou shalt choose a college basketball team not named Duke.

UNC, State, or whatever smaller school you attended is okay. Never Duke, unless you went there or share blood with Christian Laettner.

7. Thou shalt not attempt to watch all movies filmed in NC, for there are too many.

Although maybe you will have time to catch up since HB2 expectedly pissed off Hollywood.

8. Thou shalt support our local musicians.

Because there’s always another Ben Folds or Jermaine Dupri around the corner.

9. Thou shalt be polite to outsiders and our fellow North Carolinians, even those who voted for the other party.

Ranging from the crunchiest of granolas to NASCAR fans and all in between, we come from many walks and should check our red and blue pride at the screen door.

Thou shalt look down upon our neighbors across the southern border, unless you commute to work in Charlotte and identify as North Carolinian.

Additionally, you shall secretly admire Charleston as the best southern city, for this writer may have spent months living there and wants to remain welcome.

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