10 Signs You're a True Local in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Student Work
by Amanda Meyers Mar 26, 2015

1. You know every bar in the Southside.

Pittsburgh is the biggest-drinking city in America. We have 12 bars for every 10,000 people — the most per capita bars in any other city in the country. You know that you can get the cheapest drinks at Jack’s Rose Bar and usually start your Southside bar crawl there.

2. You use an incline as your main form of transportation.

Pittsburgh’s Duquesne Incline was built in the 1850s and you use it a lot as a quick way up or down Mount Washington. Who wants to drive through traffic or hike up the mountain when you can jump on the incline for $2.50?

3. You often get wasted in a church.

Liberty Avenue is home to Church Brew Works, one of your favorite breweries that was opened in an old church building. Definitely not sacrilegious…

4. You only eat fresh produce if it’s from a street vendor in the Strip District.

It doesn’t get much fresher than that.

5. You stand by the fact that Pittsburgh has the best view in America.

The view of our city from Mount Washington is ranked in the top ten views in the country. Plus, all those bridges.

6. You never worry about getting sick.

We’ve got the nationally famous UPMC, plus their 16 hospitals. ‘Nuff said.

7. You’re a regular at every Carnegie Institute.

From the Carnegie Library in Oakland, to the Carnegie Museum of Art, to the Carnegie Science Center, and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History — you’ve seen it all.

8. You prefer being constantly surrounded by water.

Like at Point State Park where you go for outdoor concerts and the three rivers converge in downtown Pittsburgh. With so many rivers and bridges in the city you’re virtually surrounded by water at all times.

9. You’re a regular at Wholey’s.

With the freshest and cheapest seafood in Pittsburgh, Wholey’s is one of your grocery hot spots.

10. Home or away, you’ve never missed a Penguins game.

Hockey is so popular in Pittsburgh that when the Pens play an away game, it’s broadcast on a massive screen outside the stadium. Everyone tailgates like they actually have tickets to the game.

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