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11 Things You Get Jaded About in Boston That Are Actually Awesome

by Julia Kitlinski-Hong Dec 19, 2016

1. Dunkin’ Donuts.

There many be an excessive amount of this local chain throughout the city (including in the subway itself), but it can provide you with a cheap, quick pick-me-up when you need it the most. There is, of course, the wide variety of sugary treats, but do not forget the savory items like an egg white flatbread, that will hold you over until lunch.

2. Universities and colleges.

Some days Boston’s undergrad demographic can be painfully obvious (ahem Halloween), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain perks to being in a college city. Getting to see linguist Noam Chomsky speak at MIT or hearing author Bill Bryson talk about his travels in Harvard, makes you realize how fortunate you are to live in this college-centric city.

3. Rich history.

From the Freedom Trail to Paul Revere’s house, it can seem like every building and street has historical significance in Boston. It is easy to take for granted the city’s history that you have known about since elementary school, but it is not all bloody battles against the British. Some of the country’s firsts have happened here: like Boston Common, which is the oldest public park, and the T, which is the oldest subway system.

4. The convenience of the T.

It is easy to complain about the T and how it can take forever to arrive on those chilly winter nights (looking at you Green Line). It can also be easy to forget how convenient this subway system is, from being able to go straight to the airport (without buying a separate ticket) and covering extensive ground throughout the metro area.

5. Autumn.

It’s true, this season happens every year without fail, and the excitement can quickly wear off. Though in Boston autumn seems amplified with throngs of students returning to school, bringing a sense of renewal in the crisp air. Try moving to a destination that is indifferent to the season, and you are bound to have some major fall-induced nostalgia.

6. Sports team loyalty.

For Bostonians, their love for their beloved Red Sox or Patriots may seem like a normal dedication to their favorite teams, but this is no ordinary fan behavior. Other cities may have loyal fans, but Bostonians take it to a whole new level altogether, and this loyalty often runs several generations deep.

7. Back Bay streets in alphabetical order.

To have any bit of guidance when it comes to navigating Boston’s famously confusing streets is always a plus. Bostonians hardly give it a second thought, but having Back Bay’s streets ordered alphabetically as Arlington, Berkeley, Clarendon, etc. is always something to be thankful for.

8. Having the Islands close by.

Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket is just a few hours away from Boston, but can seem a world away from city life. An Island getaway is especially necessary during the summer when it can feel like the city is being consumed by one giant heat wave.

9. A big town feel.

Boston is a city that is small enough to feel like a giant town. There is a strong sense of local pride and community that is present during events like sports games, but was made more obvious right after the Boston Marathon bombings, when the whole city rallied together (#bostonstrong).

10. Top-notch medical care and research.

As a college town with top medical schools, it is no surprise there are numerous choices for excellent medical care around Boston. From Mass General to Brigham and Women’s, it can be easy to forget that not every city is this well-equipped with medical care. The numerous research hospitals like Tuffs Medical Center, also makes it a great place to receive innovative treatment.

11. Location.

An hour flight to NYC for a taste of an even bigger city life or an hour and a half to D.C. for a visit to our nation’s capital, it is hard to deny that Boston is in a great location on the East Coast. There is also the beach an hour away or The Berkshires a few hours west. Definitely a central location that is hard to beat.

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