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12 Differences Between a Normal Friend and a Swedish Friend

Sweden Couples
by Madelaine Triebe Dec 15, 2015


A normal friend expects you to go out and do something when you hang out on a Friday night.
A Swedish friend is completely fine with coming over and watch På Spåret and eating OLW chips.


A normal friend thinks it’s completely okay to buy ready-made cinnamon rolls.
A Swedish friend will judge you silently for not serving her “hembakade kanelbullar.”


A normal friend is aware that not all land is hikeable.
A Swedish friend thinks she can walk everywhere and thinks it’s ridiculous that not everyone has “allemansrätten.”


A normal friend buys you a drink when it’s your birthday.
A Swedish friend comes over with a bottle of Absolut Vodka and makes sure you do as many shots as possible on förfesten and you spend the rest of your night puking your guts out outside the club.


A normal friend says yes if you’re offering her something to eat.
A Swedish friend would starve to death before not rejecting your offer at least twice.


A normal friend serves food and alcohol when she is inviting you for a birthday party.
A Swedish friend asks you to pop by Systembolaget and bring your own bottles to make sure there’s enough for everyone.


A normal friend will bring you home after school and invite you to have dinner with her family.
A Swedish friend will let you wait in her room while she is having dinner downstairs.


A normal friend gets into arguments with you when she has to.
A Swedish friend is the first one to avoid a subject that’s prone to create “dålig stämning” between the two of you and rather sacrifices her freedom to voice her opinion.


A normal friend will turn up five minutes later than the time you decided to meet.
A Swedish friend will show up fifteen minutes early and call you five minutes before the scheduled time asking you where you are.


A normal friend shares her personal stories after you’ve known each other for a few months.
A Swedish friend might share some inner thoughts with you after you’ve known each other for ten years.


A normal friend will tell you when something is wrong.
A Swedish friend keeps quiet and avoids any uncomfortable discussions until the problem goes away.


A normal friend will tell you she loves you when she is sober.
A Swedish friend will only verbally express her affection for you after an intense amount of groggar.

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