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13 Funniest Expressions Used in Greenland

by Tina Egede Nov 12, 2015

1. When a Greenlandic person’s sibling gets presents on his birthday, he’s not envious. He is qoorsiortoq (looking for urine).

2. A Greenlandic doesn’t date a guy. She has a qungujuttagaq (someone she smiles at).

3. A Greenlandic person isn’t restless and hyper. He’s iteerusimaartoq (he doesn’t have an ass).

4. A Greenlandic person does not feel uncomfortable eating hot food too fast. He gets tarnikkut uulluni (the food hurts the soul inside the chest).

5. A Greenlandic person is not ”surprised.” He is tingisingajappat (he almost flew away).

6. When people in Greenland are cold, they don’t just stop there. They say they are “qeriliiv” (about to freeze).

7. A Greenlandic person is not just drunk. He’s putoqqavoq (he has a hole).

8. When a Greenlandic person gets paid from work at the end of the month, it’s not payday. It’s juulliaraq (Christmas Eve).

9. When someone doesn’t clean properly, he’s cleaning palasip tungaannaa (only near the reverend/priest).

10. A Greenlandic person doesn’t say never, he says tulukkat qaqortippata (when the crows turn white).

11. A Greenlandic person doesn’t say ‘cheers’. He says aqajaggui (‘stomachs’, because when you raise your glass, your shirt lifts up and shows your stomach).

12. When the weather is hot, a Greenlandic person is not sweating. He’s ipilerpoq (drowning).

13. A Greenlandic person is not full. He is qaaliivippoq (about to blow up).

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