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14 Reasons You Should Never Go to Kansas

by Gloria Atanmo Jul 3, 2015

1. Isn’t Kansas the state where the creator of basketball was born? Yeah, no thanks!

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2. Speaking of basketball, they’re not really passionate about it collegiately.

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3. Not much of a BBQ sauce selection.

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4. People are way too friendly. It’s impossible to reciprocate all the smiles.

5. You’ve seen better sunsets.

6. Everyone knows the only Manhattan that matters is in New York. None of this nonsense here with country music festivals.

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7. Kansas’ oldest college, Baker University, makes you forget you have student debt and want to re-enroll. SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY.

8. The Wizard of Oz was all a lie. We want yellow, brick roads! Not sunflower ones!

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9. The hills are alive, but not with the sound of music.

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10. Too many festivals to waste money on.

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11. Power & Light District is the worst place for FIFA World Cup Watching. Expect no national coverage at all. None whatsoever.

12. People aren’t very enthusiastic about their state, so why should you be.

13. It’s a flyover state for a reason. Not suitable for kids, especially.

14. Because you might never want to leave.

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