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14 Signs You're Back in Oklahoma City

by Nathan Aguilera Dec 1, 2016

Kittie Bob still hasn’t taken those pink rollers out of her hair.

The Sunday gospel drag brunch at The Boom is on its way to becoming as much of an Oklahoma institution as Sonic. One thing you can be assured of is Kitty Bob will have those damn bright pink rollers haphazardly hanging out of her head while on stage taking shots of communion.

Mary Fallin has made another questionable or highly controversial decision.

She truly seems intent on solidifying her place as “Worst Governor in the Country”.

Hideaway is gearing up to win best pizza in the Gazette poll again this year.

You’ve missed the side of hillbilly ketchup to dip your slices in. Johnnie’s will probably take honors for best burgers (although I lean towards S&B’s).

You still can’t pass the Science Museum Oklahoma without cringing at the name.

It will always be the Kilpatrick Museum.

All carbonated beverages are referred to as Coke.

Waiter: What would like to drink?
Me: A Coke please.
Waiter: What kind?
Me: I’ll have a Pepsi.

You see Sonic’s everywhere.

You’re never more than a few minutes away from being able to have a fresh lime slush, foot long chili cheese coney and jalapeno poppers with two sides of Ranch dressing delivered through your car window, to be eaten while sitting in the parking lot.

The tornado sirens are going off like an alarm clock at noon on Saturday.

God forbid you go out the night before and want to sleep in. Nope—gotta test the sirens out.

A new Life.Church has opened.

How many of these mega-churches can they build in one city? We’ll find out.

Braum’s everywhere (though not quite as many as Sonic).

Remember on a field trip as a kid at the end of the tour eating the ice cream from the paper cup with the wooden “spoon”?

You see calf fries on the menu.

If you don’t know what these are be sure to Google them before you order. Or better yet, just ask an Okie.

There’s gravy on everything.

Gravy on biscuits for breakfast and gravy on chicken fried steak for dinner.

You have to go to the liquor store for wine or good beer. And even then it won’t be cold.

Forget the grocery store – you’ll need to head to Byron’s for strong beer, wine, or hard liquor. Want to grab a cold bottle of wine to take to a dinner party you’re on the way to? Better plan ahead—no refrigerated alcohol once you do get to the liquor store. In the mood for margaritas on a Sunday? Hope you thought about that yesterday- no hard liquor sold on Sundays.

And don’t even ask about buying liquor on voting days.

Most people are Baptist, some are Methodist, but everyone prays for the Thunder.

I never thought I’d see anything be as big as OU football, but the Thunder comes close.

Good Egg Dining Group has opened a new restaurant.

Shout out to The Drake and Barrio’s.

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