18 Moments Every Backpacker Experiences

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by Josh Heller Sep 2, 2015
1. When you find the fare you were going to book just went up

guy reacts with the frustration of a man fighting off a face-hugger(via)

2. When people question your travel motives

unfriend button(via)

3. When you’re on that 18-hour bus ride

bored cat with nail file(via)

4. When another traveler tells you the next place you’re going is overrated/too dangerous/lame/etc

lady who doesn't want to hear it(via)

5. When your travel crush from a few weeks ago happens to be staying at your hostel tonight

enthusiastic dancer(via)

6. When you’re too hungover to leave the hostel

puppy rolling in a metal bowl(via)

7. When you’re very optimistic arriving at a new place, only to find out…you were wrong

swimmer jumps into iced-over pool(via)

8. When you realize the last bus out of town left five minutes ago and you’re stranded for three days

dinosaur wearing flannel shirt drops can of pop(via)

9. When you commandeer the hostel stereo

smug dude gestures at stereo presumably playing his awesome music selection(via)

10. When your bunkmate is too talkative

cute dog hushes loquacious human couch-mate with paw(via)

11. When you try to convince another traveler to go to the last place you visited, because it was so AWESOME

frenzied seagull gives mermaid the Johnson Treatment(via)

12. When you’ve been drinking in the common room all afternoon and think you’ll actually make it to the club tonight

sloppy drunk on plane professes readiness to parteeeeeey(via)

13. When your hostel watches a scary movie in the TV room

youngsters in school uniforms get freaked out but can't look away(via)

14. When the hostel has free breakfast

a cat swipes the top pancake from a large stack(via)

15. When you’re trying to check your email on the foreign hostel computer

humanoid in haz mat suit operates room-sized computer, shouts 'why don't shit work!?!'(via)

16. When you’re the only two people in an eight-bed room

ladies with fancy hair shimmy in unison(via)

17. When your bank account says you’re almost out of money, but you still have three weeks left

fairy with crossed arms and closed eyes seems prepared to block out reality(via)

18. When you finally find your favorite meal abroad

eater takes a bit of food and closes eyes with blissful smile(via)

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