18+ Must-Have Experiences in Alaska

by Matador Creators Feb 4, 2017

Alaska, America’s largest state and hosts the lowest population density at approximately one person to every square mile. This, coupled with Alaska’s incredible variety of geographic features, truly makes it “The Last Frontier.” Here’s a selection of must-have experiences to have in the state.

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Bodenburg Butte

 Bodenburg ButtePalmer, United StatesThis is a view from the top of Bodenburg Butte near Palmer Alaska. The hike to the top is just 3 miles roundtrip but it is a steep hike up.

Hubbard Glacier

 Hubbard GlacierYakutat, United StatesTaking a boat across the bay from Yakutat to the base of the Hubbard glacier was a great way to spend a day. On the way we fished for halibut, saw some giant elephant seals and motored past massive icebergs. Highlight was watching school bus sized chunks of ice calving off and falling hundreds of feet. A powerful sight. #alaska

Eagle River Nature Center

 Eagle River Nature CenterAnchorage, United StatesThe ponds at eagle river nature center have beautiful reflections of the mountains. It’s a great place to spend an hour or two just walking around in nature.

Russian River

 Russian RiverCooper Landing, United StatesBest place to grow up #fishing in #alaska ever! personal #favorite #camping and #salmon spot = #kenaiPeninsula #hiking Watch out for bears, though!

Crow Pass Trail

 Crow Pass TrailAnchorage, United StatesA moderately difficult hike near Girdwood. Check out the Monarch Mine Ruins and Crystal Lake as you make your trek to Raven Glacier (4 mi.) #hiking

Chena River State Recreation Area

 Chena River State Recreation AreaFairbanks, United StatesDrive just outside Fairbanks to catch the Northern Lights. There are so many great locations around the city to view the Aurora. Make sure to dress warm, check the Aurora forecast, bring extra batteries, and something warm to drink. Plan accordingly as the Aurora is best viewed around 1-2AM.
Check out AlaskaAuroraCam.com for a live view of the Aurora, and if you want, take an awesome Aurora Photography Workshop at www.seankurdz.com #extreme #hiking #snow #NorthernLights #free #Aurora #Fairbanks #Alaska #ExploreFairbanks #Photography

Pioneer Park

 Pioneer ParkFairbanks, United StatesThe steam that comes off the river freezes the trees and turns everything into magic! Take an awesome stroll around Pioneer Park and make sure to check out the Chena River. #extreme #hiking #snow #free #river #frozen

K2 Aviation

 K2 AviationTalkeetna, United StatesFlight seeing around Denali. Simply unbelievable! A must for anyone traveling to Alaska!

Creamers Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge

 Creamers Field Migratory Waterfowl RefugeFairbanks, United StatesThis place is a must if your looking to go for a walk in the winter time. Creamery field has all sorts of walking trails! #walking #free #snow #hiking #extreme

Denali National Park

 Denali National ParkDenali, United StatesDenali.. Simply amazing.

Glacier Bay National Park

 Glacier Bay National ParkYakutat, United StatesTen locations that prove Alaska is as amazing as you think!

Hatcher Pass

 Hatcher PassPalmer, United StatesThe glory of #alaska is in her #mountains! Such an excellent place to experience it. Big ❤️ for #hatcherpass. Every one should make time to visit here it is so #worthit

Portage Pass Trail

 Portage Pass TrailWhittier, United StatesThis photo is from a hike in March up Portage Pass Trail. It is a 4 mile roundtrip hike. #hiking

Kincaid Park

 Kincaid ParkAnchorage, United StatesAwesome wildlife opportunities!!! #hiking

Graveyard Cover

 Graveyard CoveYakutat, United StatesProbably one of the most spectacular backdrops to a surf spot that I’ve even seen. Clear days are pretty rare but when they come along and you’re out waiting for a set staring at Mt. St. Elias it’s nothing short of jaw dropping.

Deep Creek State Recreation Area

 Deep Creek State Recreation AreaNinilchik, United StatesDeep creek is about as Alaskan as places can get. It’s great frozen or thawed! #alaska #camping #snow #hiking #fishing #boating

Chena Hot Springs Resort

 Chena Hot Springs ResortFairbanks, United StatesAre you ready for the best dog sled tour around? Check out ‘Just Short of Magic Sled Dog Tours’ they have half hour and hour dog sled rides you are going to love. They also have warm clothes and drinks if you get cold.

VSHelicopters, Valdez

 VSHelicoptersValdez, United StatesBest tour experience ever! Leigh is by far the coolest around Valdez. Get some amazing opportunities to check out glaciers up close and see literal breathtaking views #tour

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