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19 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Memphis

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by Ashley Smith Apr 12, 2016

1. You never understood a single word of what came after, “It’s time to get crunk. It’s time to represent. Tell the Bellringer what time is it…” but you always listened anyway.

2. Ironically, you went down to Florida to escape the summer heat. To Destin, most likely.

3. But if you couldn’t make it to the Gulf you had a season pass to Adventure River.

4. You’ve had at least one birthday party at East End Skating Rink.

5. Thanks to Huey’s, you can do things with a straw and a toothpick that no one outside of Memphis can do.

6. You know what TOM the Tiger’s name actually means.

7. You know only people from Memphis can talk shit about Memphis.

8. You or someone you know has a Trilogy tattoo.

9. Up until recently you had a brick with your name on it outside the Pyramid.

10. You know that the “Memphis Chicks” is not a reference to the friendly ladies on Brooks Road.

11. You remember that one time Memphis had an NFL team.

12. At some point in your youth, you had a poster of the Memphis State Tigers cheerleading squad on your bedroom wall.

13. You’ve walked the entire length of the Mississippi River in your bare feet. At Mud Island River Park, that is.

14. Nothing about school closing so you could go to the Mid-South Fair is weird to you.

15. Shopping for groceries was one of your first learned life skills thanks to the Children’s Museum.

16. All of your school field trips were to either the Pink Palace or the Memphis Zoo.

17. You’ve accepted the fact that tornado sirens are a daily occurrence in the summer and you ignore them accordingly.

18. Shipping with UPS elicits the same feelings of guilt as if you were cheating on your spouse.

19. Your kitchen cabinets hold more plastic cups from fried chicken restaurants and BBQ shacks than you can count.

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