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19 Super Powers You Have if You're From Hoboken

by Stephanie Vermillion Jul 15, 2016

1. You can easily juggle a jumbo Turning Point iced coffee, a double stroller, and a dog leash.

2. Thanks to those NYC backdrops you get crazy-good likes on Instagram.

3. You can bounce back from late, drink-filled nights at Madison’s to big, early(ish) brunch mornings at Amanda’s.

4. You’ve mastered the art of high-class dining, without stepping one foot outside the door. (Lookin’ at you, Mr. Seamless.)

5. You eat “ice cream” without the calories, thanks to the pure genius that is the low-cal, frozen Amanda’s Bananas alternative.

6. You can teleport from uptown Hoboken to Midtown Manhattan — in 3 minutes or fewer — on the NY Waterway.

7. You make a mean Bloody, with the one and only Hoboken Mary.

8. You stay flexible with sunrise yoga, even after late nights at Midtown Philly.

9. You look fabulous every day of the week, thanks to those stylish friends at Dear Hannah, aaRaa and Oran.

10. You can park a full-size car in a clown-car spot — every day, on every street.

11. You’ve learned to switch your heritage overnight, becoming 100 percent Irish as the sun rises every March 17…

12. …And then German six months later as Pilsener Haus celebrates its month-long Oktoberfest.

13. You have an enviable ability to dodge the goose-poop landmines that fill every park.

14. You make blizzards an absolute blast, with snow boots, sleds, and those Stevens campus hills.

15. You can eat a pint of Pickle Licious pickles in less than one day — and still have room for dinner.

16. You breathe the same air as Batman — not the Christian Bale kind — but the Hoboken Batman, who rides up and down Washington Street on his Bat Bike

17. You have weekend limo rides at your disposal, as long as you’re going to and from Willie McBrides.

18. You rock a rad pair of Warbys and recognize the value of a good, sculpted mustache — Hoboken is the Hipster Capital of America, after all.

19. You know how to stay strong through natural disasters like Sandy because for Hoboken residents, the city is more than just a less expensive NYC alternative — it’s a one-of-a-kind, supportive, community-centric home.

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