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20 Signs You Were Born and Raised in San Francisco

San Francisco
by Julia Kitlinski-Hong Feb 23, 2016

1. Naked men walking around the Castro does not faze you.

Especially during Pride Week.

2. You get nostalgic for the cool embrace of Karl coming off the Pacific.

Especially in the summertime.

3. MUNI is your preferred mode of transportation.

You know owning a car is just an added hassle.

4. You never think twice when a crazy person yells obscenities at you in the Civic Center.

It’s probably not even the first time it happened to you today.

5. After the bars, the only thing you crave is a bacon-wrapped hot dog.

From a street cart that you can smell a mile away.

6. On Sundays, it’s Golden Gate Park all the way.

It was your extended backyard growing up.

7. You own a T-shirt or sweatshirt that simply says “The City.”

8. You only go to Fisherman’s Wharf when an out-of-town visitor forces you to.

If it was up to you, you’d be at Lands End.

9. Even though your eardrums are going to suffer, you’re still going to watch the Blue Angels do their thing during Fleet Week.

And you know there’s no better place to watch it than from your friend’s rooftop in the Mission

10. You get really upset whenever someone confuses Los Angeles with your home city.

You’re from a place where sunny beach days are really rare.

11. You get uncomfortable whenever there are more than three clear days in a row.

12. You look forward to Chinese New Year’s all year long.

With all those red and gold signs in the windows, it seems like the whole city is celebrating.

13. Gough, Duboce and Guerrero roll off of your tongue effortlessly.

14. Whenever you want to experience four seasons you just head up to Lake Tahoe.

15. You call in sick when the weather gets over 70 degrees F.

And immediately head straight to Dolores Park or Crissy Field.

16. You get nostalgic for old-school ice cream shops like Joe’s Ice Cream and Swensen’s.

Although Bi-Rite isn’t half bad.

17. You’re used to your garage smelling extra funky from your green composing bin.

18. Chinese food cravings are best cured by a trip out to the Avenues.

Wing Lee’s, Dumpling Kitchen and China First are on your regular rotation.

19. Alemany is the king of farmers markets.

No question.

20. You still have nightmares from “Laffing Sal,” back when you would see her at the Cliff House.

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