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20 Signs You Learned to Drink in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

by Megan Murphy Jul 8, 2016

1. When you hear the words “Deer Lake Road” and “camp party” you immediately start cancelling all other plans you had for the weekend.

2. You’ve willingly gone for a “booze cruise” to Amasa in the back of a pick-up truck.
You finished your bottle of Captain, got out at the Horseshoe Saloon and passed out in the bathroom. And lived to tell the tale.

3. You’ve gone floating down the Au Train in a kayak or on a tube and blacked out before you reached the end.

4. It’s only a ‘party’ if 10 people are huddled around a fire drinking cheap beer.
With a 24-pack of PBR and a keg of Bud Light. And flannel – lots and lots of flannel.

5. When the bars close you head straight to Lake Superior to jump in.
…and cleanse yourself of the whiskey shot that you spilt all over yourself.

6. You can drink an entire fifth of Captain without puking.
And continue to drink more.

7. Gender has nothing to do with who can drink the most.
We’re all equals in the UP.

8. You’re used to all the bars being walking distance from your home.
Don’t worry about a DD, you got this covered.

9. The Verabar is always your last stop of the night.

10. You always stop at Blue Link before heading to your friends’ house so you can pre-game while getting ready.

11. Nothing stands between you and karaoke nights at Flannigan’s.

12. You leave Remies and instantly remove your heels so you can walk up Washington Street free of pain.

13. You’ve puked in your hand after taking a shot, emptied it out in the bathroom, and gone back out on the dance floor without any shame.

14. You always head to downtown Marquette at 9 p.m. on Halloween so you and your “Sexy Peter Pan” costume don’t have to pay cover.

15. You’re friends with all of your bartenders on Facebook.

16. Your dog or your friends’ dog has been successfully trained to fetch a beer from a cooler.

17. You’re used to the city of Ishpeming getting blocked off on Main Street in front of Jack’s Teepee as well as The Congress on the 3rd and 4th of July so the entire city can drink without worrying about cars driving by.

18. No one can tell you when to stop drinking but yourself.

19. You drink just as much, if not more, than your parents.

20. You stop at Jim’s Jubilee after work to buy yourself a bottle or two of Arbor Mist. And it’s only Tuesday.

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