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20 Signs You're Single in San Francisco

San Francisco
by Julia Kitlinski-Hong Aug 22, 2016

1. You spend almost every Thursday rotating between the Academy of Sciences’ Nightlife or the Exploratorium’s After Dark.

The mixed drinks and the high percentage of single young professionals never disappoint.

2. You live with five other roommates in the Sunset.

And you can barely afford rent even then.

3. You are constantly going to Meetups to meet new friends.

Since all your old friends are constantly moving away.

4. Your main mode of transport for a night out is Uber Pool.

Because you’d rather spend your money on drinks at Trick Dog.

5. The take-out guy at El Farolito knows your name and order by heart.

6. You accept every weekend brunch invitation to Zazie or Plow.

Because it beats cornflakes and cartoons any day.

7. You’ve been on more dates than you can count where the main topic has been “start-ups.”

Or something tech-related.

8. You’ve been left out of couples’ weekends in Napa.

Who wants to be the fifth wheel anyway?

9. You’ve been ghosted way more times than you care to admit.

People here can be flakier than a cruffin from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.

10. You haven’t been to dinner at Foreign Cinema in ages…

…since it always seems like everyone is on a date there.

11. Your phone is loaded with dating apps.

Bumble, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, Coffee Meets Bagel…

12. You shamelessly cruise Dateway in the Marina.

If only for the eye candy.

13. You can be found in Justin Herman Plaza during Valentine’s Day.

Because a giant pillow fight beats a romantic five-course meal always.

14. On Saturday nights, you can be found watching obscure art films at the Embarcadero Center Cinema that no one has ever heard of.

15. You avoid Noe Valley like the plague.

Too many toy stores, not enough bars.

16. You can enjoy your cup of Salted Caramel from Bi-Rite without having to share.

17. You spend an afternoon going down the Seward Slides without shame.

Even if you are one of the older riders there.

18. You have been known to spend an entire morning grazing through the Ferry Building.

A steamed chicken bun from Out the Door, a secret breakfast ice cream cone from Humphry Slocombe — don’t mind if you do.

19. You can jet off to Lake Tahoe at a moment’s notice.

Especially if your friend’s invite comes with a timeshare on the South Shore.

20. You can spend the entire day in Golden Gate Park indulging in your latest novel without any interruption.

Only when the fog rolls in do you finally decide to call it a day.

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