22 Questions Only a Philadelphian Can Answer

by Robin Goode Sep 3, 2015

1. What does “Jawn” mean?

2. Why do Philadelphians call water “wooder?”

3. What exactly is a “City Wide Special?”

4. Should I get my cheesesteak “wit” or “witout?”

5. Why is there no 1st Street or 14th Street?

6. Where do you go “down the shore?”

7. There’s no downtown? You just call it “Senner Siddy?”

8. What’s “wooder ice?”

9. So you ring in the New Year by dressing up as a Mummer and “strutting down Broad Street?”

10. And then after “strutting down Broad” you join the Mummers for a party on “Two-Street?”

11. I can order a hoagie but why can’t I order a sub?

12. I can get jimmies on my ice cream, but why can’t I get sprinkles?

13. What is a “Fishtown Ice Tea?”

14. You don’t ride the Metro? You ride SEPTA?

15. So, your sports teams don’t suck, they just can’t win any championships as a result of the Curse of Billy Penn?

16. Why did the bartender give me a Yuengling when I ordered a lager?

17. Why do you have to buy beer from a distributor and liquor from the “state store?”

18. So the West Philly Orchestra isn’t technically an orchestra and doesn’t play symphonies?

19. How long will it take for the PPA to figure out that I’m parked illegally?

20. Can I wear shorts and sneakers with no socks to Hop Sing Laundromat?

21. Pat’s, Geno’s, Jim’s, Steve’s, or Tony’s?

22. What’s so great about Wawa?

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