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25 Cringeworthy Websites We Love to Hate

by Candice Walsh Jan 5, 2010
We love them because they suck us in and provide endless opportunities for laughs, disgust and amusement. We hate them because they make it difficult for us to get anything else done.

We’re all guilty of taking the occasional break during our work to pull up some of those time-waster websites that bring such pleasure. In fact, the whole reason this article started was because Leigh and I were instant messaging each other to plan a schedule for the following weeks, only to be sidetracked by these glorious and shameless indulgences of Internet fun.

We apologize in advance for the amount of time you’re bound to waste while browsing through these websites, but really, they’re worth a look. You’re welcome.

1. Lamebook – Poking fun at all those wackjobs who use Facebook.

2. Stop Making That Duckface! – You know the look: lips pursed, orange-tanned skin, classic camera pose.

3. Awkward Family Photos – Complete with 80s hair and engagement photos.

4. People of Wal-Mart – Some people don’t believe in fashion.

5. Why the F*@# Do You Have a Kid? This hurts my heart.

6. Texts From Last Night – My favorite by a landslide. Are these people for real?

7. Fail Blog – The world’s stupidity on display.

8. Tasty Booze – Just some good bloggin’ fun.

9. Moe Jackson – Celebrity news and gossip.

10. Go Fug Yourself – Two hilarious girls blogging about celebrity fashion no-nos.

11. Manvite – “With the free Manvite service, men can finally send online invitations in keeping with their masculine natures – simple, straightforward and crude.”

12. I Just Made Love! – An interactive map of the world identifying where people have been getting down and dirty.

13. Awful Plastic Surgery – The title says it all.

14. Cake Wrecks – Deliciously awful cakes.

15. Reasons Why I Dumped You – From the site: “After we fell asleep after having sex for the first time, I woke up to find you cracking my knuckles.”

16. Regretsy – Handmade products gone awry.

17. Passive Aggressive Notes – From those who prefer to use the written word to give someone the finger.

18. STFU Parents – “You used to be fun. Now you have a baby.”

19. STFU Marrieds – Those annoying messages from the happily married couples who like to rub it in your single face.

20. F My Life – Short messages of misfortune.

21. Overheard in New York – Clips of crazy conversation from the city.

22 My Parents Were Awesome – How did your folks look before they were parents?

23. Super Poop – Funny photo comics by an artist named Drew.

24. Cute Overload – I dare you to browse this site without squealing.

25. Emails From Crazy People – The world is filled with all kinds of crazy, as proven here.

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