1. Finding live music at the first bar you walk into…

2. …and never having to pay a cover.

3. Jamming to the local sounds of Lightning 100 during rush hour

4. Handlebar mustaches, everywhere

5. Caribbean sweet cornbread dusted with coconut from Calypso Cafe

6. The possibility of running into a variety of celebrities — The Black Keys, Jack White, or Elvis Costello, mostly — while waiting in line for a cayenne-infused deep fried, hot chicken sandwich from Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack

7. Only buying things whose claim to fame is “made right here in Nashville”

8. The sweet irony of Church Street being loaded with gay bars

9. Having your hair styled next to a life-size plastic statue of the Simpsons at B Side Salon

10. A big ol’ scoop of Trailer Trash from Pied Piper Creamery

11. The sticky floors and local music from The Basement

12. Hearing future stars sing their hearts out at Twin Kegs and Santa’s Pub

13. Southern hospitality — Nashville wasn’t voted #1 Friendliest City in America 2013 for nothin’

14. Thrift store shopping at Hip Zipper and Closet Case Vintage

15. Taking comfort in the thought that you have some kind of restaurant job to fall back on if your country band doesn’t work out. Voted 2nd Best Big City for Jobs in America by Forbes, holla!

16. Music museums being everywhere — the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, RCA Studio B, the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville Symphony, Music City Walk of Fame…

17. Parks, parks, parks, and more parks

18. Plates slammed full of a meat & three from Arnold’s

19. Sipping red wine straight from the barrels at Château Ross in Ross’s basement with his dachshund Rachel

20. Creating false identities for yourself because you know you’ll never see anyone you meet ever again

21. People watching during the CMA Music Festival

22. Knowing your city is home to the largest vinyl record pressing plant in the country

23. Slap your grandma good biscuits topped with preserves, honey, and sorghum molasses from Loveless Cafe

24. Finding new routes to avoid the church crowds at noon on Sundays

25. Putting an egg on literally everything — biscuits, BLTs, pizza, pulled pork sandwiches, salads, soups, pasta, more eggs…

26. Avoiding Broadway at all costs and trying to convince tourists that Nashville is more than Honky Tonk Highway

27. Frosty Bushwackers from Broadway Brewhouse — the one in Midtown, obviously not the one on Broadway guys

28. Cowboy boots, always