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30 Things You'll Never Hear Someone From Lisbon Say

by Silvia Apr 16, 2016

1. Red wine? Definitely French.

2. I’m not into football.

3. Delicious! Better than my mother’s stew.

4. I miss winter days.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo? Who is he?

6. But Coimbra is much more central, it should be the capital.

7. It’s wonderful how I can always count on trains timetable.

8. I wish there were more fast-food chains downtown.

9. I love the way our streets are always so clean and proper.

10. I’m sorry I got here a little bit early.

11. Drinks tonight? No way, I have to wake up early tomorrow.

12. I wish the Spanish would invade us again.

13. It’s so easy to bike around Lisbon.

14. I’m not a codfish person.

15. I’ll never go to Algarve on holidays again.

16. Give me a long soft filter coffee.

17. I’ve never had a parking ticket.

18. Our mayor is the best a city can get.

19. Never tried Pastel de Belém.

20. I can’t stand the ocean.

21. Direction signs are so precise, it is impossible to get lost.

22. Had loads of fun at a wedding party last weekend.

23. Last month the subway didn’t breakdown. Not even once.

24. This year I’ll stay home on St. Antonio’s parade night.

25. I’m totally into nouvelle cuisine.

26. I have no idea how to fire up a barbecue.

27. Don’t worry. I’ll go upstairs just to give back the baking tray. Promise not to stay chatting at the door for hours.

28. Please let’s avoid the riverside today for lunch.

29. I’m thinking about moving a bit more inland.

30. I took a ride with the most calm and polite taxi driver.

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