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32 Things Us Bulgarians Say When We're Pissed

by Dayana Aleksandrova Nov 13, 2015

1. “Да пукнеш дано! (Da puknesh dano!)”

I hope you pop (die).

2. “Oт зелена тиква семе не искам (Ot zelena tikva seme ne iskam)”

I don’t want seeds from a green pumpkin/don’t want your opinion.

3. “Иди се гръмни (Idi se grumni)”

Go shoot yourself.

4. “Спри да мааш гащи! (Spri da maash gashti)”

Stop waving your pants aimlessly around.

5. “Kьоp кютук пиян (Kyor kyutuk piyan)”

Drunk as a blind tree trunk.

6. “Гледая я как дудне (Gledai ya kak dudne)”

Look at her nagging.

7. “Tиквеник! (Tikvenik)”

Dumb as a pumpkin.

8. “Ходиш като муха без глава (Hodish kato muha bez glava)”

You’re walking like a headless fly.

9. “Tъпунгер (Tapunger)”


10. “Mижитурка (Mijiturka)


11. “Mизерник (Mizernik)”


12. “Простакеса (Prostakesa)”

Dumb, basic woman

13. “Изчадие неземно! (Izchadie nezemno)”

Outer-worldly beast

14. “Бунак! (Bunak)”


15. “Гледаш по чавките (Gledash po chavkite)”

You’re looking at the crows; you’ve got a dumb look on your face.

16. “Bири нос (Viri nos)”

Stuck up, nose in the air

17. “Джаста-праста (Djasta-prasta)”

Doing his work badly.

18. “Pазтегаш локуми (Raztegash lokumi)”

You’re stretching taffy; speaking needlessly.

19. “Лаеш! (Laesh)”

You’re barking.

20. “Мижи да те лажем (Miji da the lajem)”

Squint with your eyes so I could lie to you (oblivious to the truth).

21. “Плямпаш глупости (Plyampash gluposti)”

You’re rambling nonsense.

22. “Eксик да си (Eksik da si!)”

Be gone.

23. “Бууни му един пестниk! (Buuni my edin pestnik)”

Slap him!

24. “Нескопосаник (Neskoposanik)”

You’re terrible at what you do.

25. “Непрокопсаник (Neprokopsanik)”

Nothing will come out of you.

26. “Келеме! (Keleme)”

Idiot, bastard

27. “За нищо те не бива! (Za nishto te ne biva)”

You’re good for nothing.

28. “Тъп си на галош! (Tup si na galosh)”

Dumb as a boot.

29. “Отиде зян! (Otide zqn)”

It went to hell.

30. “Бъхтиса се! (Bahtisa se)”

It’s gone spoiled.

31. “Малоумник! (Maloumnik)”

You’ve got very little brain.

32. “Тъп си на кютук (Tup si na kyutuk)”

You’re dumb as a tree trunk.

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