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17 Signs You Grew Up Celebrating the Holidays in Memphis

by Ashley Smith Dec 16, 2015

1. You can’t even escape Elvis during the holidays because, you know, ‘Blue Christmas.’

2. You own a Santa suit or sexy elf ensemble for the sole purpose of stumbling down Beale Street on a holiday bar crawl.

3. You’ve heard all the FedEx holiday shipping statistics and know at least one person who spent their holidays tossing boxes at the hub.

4. You’ve always dreamed of a white Christmas because you’ve never actually seen one.

5. And on the off chance you’ve actually gotten to build a snowman, he was definitely wearing either a Grizzlies jersey or some form of camouflage hunting gear.

6. You can’t remember a Christmas that didn’t include a trip to Zoo Lights.

7. Instead of the infamous Christmas storm that landed Rudolph his job leading Santa’s sleigh, your relatives rehash tales of Ice Storm ’94.

8. The closest you’ve gotten to riding in a one-horse sleigh was that time your cousin had the misguided notion that it’d be fun to take a carriage ride downtown.

9. A Memphis State University ornament will always hang somewhere on your Christmas tree.

10. When all else fails, you know bottles of Blue City Café’s BBQ sauce make excellent stocking stuffers.

11. The best holiday light displays were the ones you saw from the backseat of your parents car as they drove through Shelby Farms.

12. Corky’s has catered every single Memphis holiday party you’ve attended.

13. You know the real Christmas star is the sputnik outside Joe’s Liquors.

Everybody’s got a laughing place…a laughing place…to go o-ho…#joesliquors #midtownmemphis #laughingplace #abitabound

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14. You always spent the night at Newby’s after escaping Christmas dinner with your family.

#foleysvan #newbysmemphis #badassbluegrass

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15. Your idea of a winter wonderland was the ice skating rink at the Mall of Memphis.

Winter Olympics, here I come! #tbt #throwbackthursday #figureskating #mallofmemphis

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16. You remember when the Pink Palace’s Enchanted Forest was at the Agricenter.

17. You can now officially start counting down to Memphis in May.

Ms. Piggy Idol! #WCBCC15

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