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8 Things New Hampshire Locals Want You to Know

New Hampshire
by Dayana Aleksandrova Dec 8, 2016

1. You don’t have to be Canadian to be friendly.

Come on, dude, be nice to everyone. The 603 has some of the nicest people you will ever meet. We’ll always help you replace a flat tire on I93, we’ll lend a hand when you decide to chop that abnormally tall tree in your backyard in Hebron and you’ve got no neighbors within a 10-mile radius.

2. We don’t judge your fashion sense, so leave flannel alone.

If it’s practical and keeps us warm in the -30-degree weather, we’re good with that. I’ll have you know that pajamas are a perfectly acceptable outfit, too. We don’t like to overdress for school or work. We’d rather keep it casual and cut right to the chase. That’s our style for both business and personal style.

3. We’re super outdoorsy.

Hey dude, wanna come over for pancakes?
Sure, but let me just get down from Gunstock first.

Whether it’s summer or winter, we’ll always be outside entertaining ourselves with some sport. Hiking, skiing, and swimming are just three of the many ways we spend our free time. We also love snowboarding, snowmobiling, ziplining, water skiing, running and horseback riding. Spend a month with us and we’ll turn you into a completely resourceful, self-reliant outdoor adventurer. Basically Indiana Jones, but without the raiders.

4. We hate the Yankees.

And I really mean HATE them. If you walk around looking like you may be from New York or god forbid, wear any kind of Yankees apparel, you’ll not only receive dirty looks but will be called out and directed to go do things to yourself that not even Google will show.

5. We take Halloween seriously.

How seriously, you ask? 10,000 jack-o-lanterns seriously. Every year, Laconia hosts a massive pumpkin festival that brings everyone to town (even some neighboring Massholes). Not only will pumpkinfest make you feel like you’ve entered the set of 1993’s Hocus Pocus, but the severely haunted Fright Kingdom in Nashua will absolutely give you chills.

6. Adam Sandler, we love you back!

If you’ve ever seen an Adam Sandler movie, you know that the adorable Mr. Deeds loves to pay homage to the state he grew up in. Well, we reciprocate the affection by making sure to include a short bio of his time in the Granite State on our official website and even a video of his graduation speech. See those blue jeans on our boy “Billy Madison”? That’s totally New Hampshire.

7. We really do run on Dunkin.

Ice coffee is our life juice regardless of whether it’s 100 or -30 degrees. We love us some BEC on the way to work or a celebratory donut when the back yard is all clear after a heavy session of snowblowing. We don’t care for organic, impossible to pronounce hipster brands, we’re loyal to Dunks.

8. Snow days are a real thing.

We get hit by snow really hard (almost Canada hard). It’s not unusual to have at least 4 days to a week off throughout winter because driving in certain regions becomes downright impossible. The Manchester school district even dedicates 5 days a year as snow days while creating the schedule. No complaints on our end – once we’re done clearing the driveway, we can get back into pajamas and eat a fat stack of pancakes.

9. Jordan’s ice cream is the bomb.

A tiny shack in Belmont, Jordan’s is a real local specialty, having us go out of our way every summer in pursuit of the perfect cone. We love Jordan’s so much, that we beg them to stay open well into the cold fall season and then floor their social media pages with crying emojis on closing day.

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