8 Awesome Spots That Prove Baltimore Is Totally Underrated

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Sep 2, 2016

1. Federal Hill


Federal hill

Baltimore, United States

Baltimore’s historic neighborhood is not only gorgeous with its old churches, cobblestones and polished houses, but it’s also arguably the best place to jog in town. The uphill steers will make your quads burn and downhill will get those endorphins going like no other. Take a break at a park among lush trees or pop into one of the Irish bars for a cold beverage. #history


2. Patterson Park


Patterson Park

Baltimore, United States

Cool park on top of a hill, overlooking the city. The pagoda gives the regular scenery an exotic kick. You can go up the steps on to its top on Sunday. Benches and running paths everywhere. #hiking


3. On the Hill Cafe


On the Hill Cafe

Baltimore, United States

Right by the MICA campus, awesome food and hipster atmosphere. All the sandwiches are named after streets. ^i had the eggplant + hummus, it was great and the area is really cute and photogenic #cheap-eats #coffee


4. Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church


Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church

Baltimore, United States

If you’re looking for something cool to photograph and want to venture out of the inner harbor, check out the Mount Vernon area. It has this awesome church + sculptures and cute cobblestone streets #free #statue #history


5. Wheel Park


Wheel park

Baltimore, United States

A very tiny garden up in federal hill, close to the inner harbor. Very quaint little corner of the old area, nice for photos and to hang out in complete quiet #park


6. B & O Railroad Museum


B & O Railroad Museum

Baltimore, United States

Before you go all “Dee, this is too nerdy, I don’t wanna go to a museum!” Let me say this: life size trains. LIFE SIZE, people. Feel like a little kid running around the museum (I was looking for Thomas the Tank Engine, ha) and see if they let you get inside ;) Definittly go play with the choo-choo train model outside. Ah, simple pleasures #statue #history #kidslearning


7. Mum’s



Baltimore, United States

Mum’s is Federal Hill’s ultimate hole in the wall-dive bar. Pop in for their #1 special ($5.75 shot of evil and a can of Natty Boh) or swing by and watch the game with the gang. Go Oreoles! #pub #cheap-eats


8. Fell’s Point


Fell’s point

Baltimore, United States

Take the water taxi over from the Inner harbor and venture out to Fell’s Point. Historic meets hip here and there’s something for everyone. Come listen to live music, shop or go on a ghost tour. #free #history #open-late #fine-dining #cheap-eats #coffee


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